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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Dan Jansen might also be close to a deal. Disney, the home of wholesome family entertainment, released an animated film that features a full-frontal — if almost subliminal — nude shot of one of its franchise females.
Furthermore, when she blows kisses as seen to Eddie in one scene the lip-kisses are also done in a cartoonish style. Blair won just about every Olympic race she ever entered. Jessica Rabbit has received positive reviews and is described as a sex symbol among classic animated characters, commonly ranked among other animated characters such as Betty Boop and Ariel. Ironically, they likely drew more attention to the briefly visible moment by censoring it.
film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” that proves Jessica Rabbit wasn't a full- frontal — if almost subliminal — nude shot of one of its franchise. Parents Guide: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (). Sex & Nudity (16). Moderate; An Jessica Rabbit is a sexy female caricature with exaggerated proportions.


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The depiction of smoking in older cartoons is an issue that has plagued Disney. Furthermore, when she blows kisses as seen to Eddie in one scene the lip-kisses are also done in a cartoonish style. Jessica closed her eyes as she squeezed her giant ass cheeks, which provoked more gas as her ass jiggled and rumbled vigorously enough to shake the entire bed, gawking as she felt an astronomically large amount of gas building up inside her. He passes under the dress of a woman, who screams and jumps away. This page was last edited on 1 February , at
In one three-frame sequence that can Who framed roger rabbit jessica nude be spotted in the standard-play disc, the animated character's skirt hikes up during a twirl, revealing that the voluptuous redhead is not wearing any underwear. In another scene, Baby Herman fondles a woman as he passes under her dress and there is graffiti on a wall including a plug for a brothel run by Allyson Wonderland. The scenes, Who framed roger rabbit jessica nude Disney animators apparently felt were virtually subliminal and could not be detected by the naked eye, caused embarrassment at the Burbank-based studio--which is known worldwide for its wholesome, family entertainment. Word of the controversy also triggered a run on the laser disc at local video outlets. Included with Fleming's column was a scene from "Roger Rabbit" showing Jessica Rabbit with her skirt hiked up. Fleming said that while unnoticeable at the usual 24 frames per second, the scenes are visible when viewed frame by frame, as is possible with laser-disc players and four-head VCRs.
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